International Samba Congress and Carna Brazil Cruise

International Samba Congress is on BOARD: Don’t miss the opportunity of taking Samba Classes with 10 incredible Brazilian Teachers!  36 hours of Samba no Pé, Gafieira, Mestre Sala e Porta Bandeira, and more!

There are 2 important steps:

Make sure you complete BOTH steps above to experience the vibrant Brazilian rhythms at the International Samba Congress on board the CarnaBrazil Cruise!

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the heart-pounding beats of Brazilian Samba? Look no further! The International Samba Congress is your passport to an electrifying celebration of culture, music, and dance.

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International Samba Congress

The International Samba Congress is an annual gathering that brings together professionals and dance lovers so that, through Samba and other Brazilian rhythms, each participant is able to feel connected and included, working together to nurture positive social relationships that expand the reach of one of the most important manifestations of our culture: music.


Our Vision: Our vision is to create an event where every participant can connect with Samba dance and music to inspire and empower each other, and to promote inclusion by working together to establish constructive social relationships that expand the reach of Brazilian dance and music.Our Mission: Our mission is to inspire, empower and support cultural groups of Brazilian and non-Brazilian dancers and musicians who are dedicated to Samba and Brazilian culture by promoting a sense of belonging, identity and expression. In association with Casa do Jongo, our mission also includes fundraising to provide ongoing support for the development and maintenance of social projects in Rio de Janeiro.

Our Values:

– We believe passionately in the power of Samba to enrich the lives of Brazilians and non-Brazilians alike

– We believe in the importance of community and collaboration

– We believe in the power of Samba to build positive community relationships

– We believe there is strength in cultural diversity

– We are committed to increasing global knowledge about the essence of Brazilian culture

Global Connection

At our annual gathering, professionals and dance enthusiasts from around the world come together. Through the pulsating rhythms of Samba and other Brazilian dances, each participant feels a powerful sense of connection and inclusion. It’s more than just dance; it’s a celebration of unity!

Unleash Your Passion

Picture yourself in 36+ hours of exhilarating classes led by top-notch Brazilian teachers. From Kellyn Rosa’s fiery moves to Marcelo Chocolatt’s infectious energy, you’ll groove like never before. Karla Morena, Luara Bombom, and Wallace Araujo will ignite your spirit and more to come.

CarnaBrazil Cruise Collaboration

As if that weren’t enough, we’ve teamed up with CarnaBrazil Cruise to make this experience even more unforgettable. Get ready to set sail on a rhythmic adventure!

Secure Your Spot

Don’t miss out! Follow the above instructions to book and let the music move you. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a curious beginner, the International Samba Congress awaits. Let’s dance, connect, and groove together!”

Payments and terms and conditions

Please note that all ISC events will be sold and operated by the ISC. Brazilian Nites and Rose Tours are not responsible for any sales through ISC, or any events they hold on board. Any questions regarding the ISC must be directed to ISC officials. Any cancellations fees, refunds or payments are subject to the terms and conditions of ISC and do not fall under any cancellations policies or terms and conditions of Rose Tours or Brazilian Nites. Rose Tours and Brazilian nites are not responsible for any ISC classes or instructions, and any injury or claims made against the ISC are solely the responsibility of the ISC.

Contact ISC

The International Samba Congress can be reach at:



Phone: 424-571-1153